‘Happy Mum’ Life Hacks #1

I’m dedicating my whole first Life Hacks post to one topic tonight: BABY DINNER

If someone had told me 2 years ago (hell, even 1 year ago), that my most enjoyable social engagement of the week would start at 4pm, finish at 7pm, and involve toddlers eating (or not eating) dinner, I’d have laughed for the rest of the day!

But here we are, and we do ‘baby dinner’ at least once, often twice a week with our new-since-having-a-baby friends who live just down the road. In fact, this long weekend we all gathered for ‘baby dinner’ Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday nights. Best..invention..ever. Here’s how it played out.

Saturday – at our house. Toddler playtime, Moroccan roast chicken and delicious salads from my favourite chicken shop, a beer/wine, great friends and the opportunity to actually chat because the toddlers are playing! Miraculously they also always seem to eat the things they wouldn’t normally when they’re at a different house eating someone else’s cooking. Amazing.

Sunday – in the park. We discovered a new park and took an antipasto style spread for the little ones. They chased each other around and around and around the playground, giggling uncontrollably. The dads kicked a football and we managed to enjoy the last few rays of sun sitting at the picnic table.

Monday – our place again. A whole lot more toddler playtime. BBQ’d lamb, roast veggies, broccolini, a drink for the adults and a great unwind on the lawn after a busy long weekend. A bit more cleanup tonight perhaps, the giggle-filled game of chasey ended up with bowls of dinner upturned at the other end of the house! But the joy of watching these two play and grow up together makes it all worth it.

Got the theme here? The kids are happy, parents are happy, and everyone gets through that typically ‘crazy’, ‘witching hour’ time of day with their wits in tact and toddlers a whole lot more worn out than if they were entertaining themselves.



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