The kindness of strangers

Killing time at the airport with a not quite two year old. Rationing out the snacks and trying to get him to walk as many kilometres as his little legs would carry him in the hope of a nice mid-flight sleep without walking into the duty free stores with their toddler height and plentiful bottles of liqueur. This was our afternoon a few days ago and our airport wandering had taken us to every window to look at trucks, baggage trolleys and aero planes from every angle imaginable.

A quick lunch at Movida’s airport sibling, followed by a snack of strawberries by the window. About 10 minutes later we were browsing past the outer perimeter of the bookshop when said toddler takes a couple of steps and promptly vomits all over the bookshop’s lovely white tiled (thank god!) floor. After heave number one I’m squatting catching the rest in my own hands (definitely not one of the glamorous instinctive motherhood moments we have!) and we’re stuck with nowhere to go and nothing to start the clean up mission with.

Just then I noticed a couple of policemen walk past so called out to them and asked for a rescue mission – would they be so kind as so run across to the hungry jacks and ask for something – ANYTHING – to help us get cleaned up?? Thankfully they were quick to help but no sooner had they left than I looked up to see a kind woman with a big handful of paper towels in outstretched hands. THANK YOU whoever you are!!

Many a person might walk past such a scene, particularly in an airport and think “hope to god the kid with gastro isn’t on my flight”, or “why would those parents take a sick kid on an international flight”. (and gastro it wasn’t, for the record). So whoever saw us scrambling to catch handfuls of vomit in bare hands, and acted so quickly to grab supplies for us, thank you very very very much. You helped get us out of that bookstore as quickly and with as much grace as possible in those circumstances. We might not have bought a book, but hey on holiday with a toddler it would just be an unopened tease reminding you us of days gone by and holidays spent devouring book after book….


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